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  • Remembering and reimagining May 13: 50 years later

    50 years. That’s how long Dr Lim Teck Ghee has kept his experiences of May 13, 1969 out of the public eye. Though his voice was calm and his words measured, they were underscored by a grave and profound terror that silenced the crowded hall of Gerakbudaya that night. He was one of three panelists at […]

  • Discussion Notes: Researching riots and processions in the 19th century

    As part of our efforts to encourage research for the upcoming blogging initiative, O for Other, we recently organised a reading seminar on ‘Riots and Processions in 19th Century Straits Settlement’. The reading seminar was facilitated by Simon Soon (Malaysia Design Archive and the Visual Art Program, Cultural Centre, University of Malaya) together with Syukri […]