Our Story

Founded in 2016, Imagined Malaysia is a research organisation committed to calling to attention the alternative history of Malaysia and Southeast Asia. We have organised countless forums and dialogues, exhibitions, and published the annual IM Review in an effort to push historical discourse in Malaysia. We hope to participate in the effort of creating public awareness and education about the differing narratives and stories that may be omitted from the official/master history. This is to not only change our understanding of the nation’s history, but to deepen and evolve it to have a more inclusive and rich discourse.

The crucial point for us to organise this project is to address some of the present concerns regarding historical literacy in Malaysia. There is a lack of contestation in the perspective of historical events taking place at the current moment in the public sphere – whether in the form of writing, lectures or even debates. Hence, we wish to re-popularise interest in attaining knowledge by drawing means of what the region’s intellectual history has to offer. In the long run, we hope that this will be a platform that promotes the role of activist-historians in public education as well as a source of encouragement and inspiration for Malaysian youth to have a critical appreciation for history. 

The Team

Noor Netusha Nusaybah is the President of Imagined Malaysia. Netusha graduated with an MPhil in World History at the University of Cambridge, funded by the Tunku Abdul Rahman Fund. Prior to this, she graduated from the University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus with BA (Hons) in International Relations. Netusha strives to advance the role of public history in social policy, peacebuilding and national integration. Reach her at: netusha@imagined.my

Jeremy Lim, secretary and project coordinator for Imagined Malaysia, works on themes of political economy and capitalism in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. He is also a researcher at the Jeffrey Sachs Center on Sustainable Development and the Jeffrey Cheah Institute for Southeast Asia. His other interests include the international political thought of the left and democratic systems. Reach him at: jeremy@imagined.my

Dennis Ong is usually driven by his curiosity to venture out and learn about all things cultural and historical. During his free time, he goes out to photograph what fascinates him and anticipates the unexpected. Currently, he has completed a Master’s Degree in Visual Arts at University of Malaya. His interests besides history includes mysticism, cultural practices, and architecture of both ancient and modern times. Reach him at: dennis@charles

Adeline Choo graduated with a Masters in Comparative Education (Distinction) from the Institute of Education, University College London, where she predominantly examined language planning and policy, and language practices in education. She is interested in exploring the causal mechanisms linking
fluid language practices with the formation of inclusive attitudes. Adeline was IM’s Research Associate for #TanpaPerkauman: An Anti-Racist History of Malaysia.

Loong Dien Min is an incoming MPhil in World History at the University of Cambridge. She was IM’s research intern when she was completing her BA (Hons) International Relations with French at the University of Nottingham Malaysia. Her current work is mainly focused on histories of gender and sexuality in Southeast Asia and can be broadly located at the intersection of law, gender studies and history during the colonial era. Reach her at: loong@imagined.my

Sim Jaling is a PR practitioner, with experiences in managing stakeholders relationships, research and content development, media liason and engagement, crisis management and more. Prior to that, she was a coordinator in social enterprises and NGOs in Malaysia, where her work focused primarily on promoting gender equity and female empowerment. Having passion for storytelling and helping others to amplify their voices and stories, she became interested in public relations, developing and sharpening her skills in problem solving, strategy planning, relationship building, to eventually master the art of storytelling. ​When she is not at work, you can find her spending time with her cat while trying to keep her balcony plants alive.

Charles Brophy is a graduate of political science and international relations. Charles is now more interested in the history of Southeast Asia, and particularly the development of capitalism, the history of political thought and movements of the left.

Samantha Ho is a writer and journalist with an interest in economics, development and inequality. Her curiosity in history stems not only from its importance in explaining patterns and changes, but because its varying narratives make for compelling stories. Samantha aims to tell these stories through her work in Imagined Malaysia and beyond.