We need help to self-publish Imagined Malaysia Review. We need You.

Hello friends, followers and patrons!

 If you’ve been following this page, you must know that a big (well, more like yyyyuuuuuuuuuuge) dream of ours has always been venturing into publication. We want to be able to share more about the lesser known stories about history in the Southeast Asian region.

In fact this is not just a collective dream of Imagined Malaysia, it is the brainchild of Imran Rasid, our papa bear and incredibly dedicated mover.

For the past year, Imran has been working hard on our very own publication called Imagined Malaysia Review. 

This bi-annual publication aims to be a platform for young and budding writers, visual artists and academics to share their findings on all things pertaining to Southeast Asian art, history, culture and politics, but with more emphasis on Malaysia to appeal to our local audience.

Through voluntary efforts, our team member, Imran was fortunate enough to gather articles by young Malaysians and Singaporeans to contribute their research on the theme of historiography. These articles have been compiled into the first issue of the review.

However, Imran and us are now facing a tremendous challenge in making this publication a reality. As much as it seems to be an idea that is well-received by many history enthusiasts, we are faced with the challenge of covering printing costs for the review. We do not receive enough income from our Patreon account to cover the costs of producing this review.

However, with the help and support of our friends at Gerakbudaya, we have found a more sustainable option. They are able to help us secure a better price due to their relationship with a printing company. Instead of paying RM7-10 ($1.69-$2.42) for each copy, we are able to print 300 copies for RM5 ($1.21) each. What a deal, right?!

This is an incredible opportunity for Imagined Malaysia and we would very much like to seize it.

We realize that we need to raise at least RM2,000 ($484) to pay for printing costs, distribution and compensation for our contributors. 

We hope that this starting capital will become the launch pad for this wonderful initiative as we intend to use the revenue from the first publication to cover the second issue. In the long-run, we really want to be able to compensate our contributors and build a wider community around the Imagined Malaysia Review.

Can you help us reach our goal?

Join Imagined Malaysia as a patron. Just get to our home page, click BECOME A PATRON and voila! You are now contributing to our fundraising campaign to make Imagined Malaysia Review happen.

Any amount of assistance would be greatly appreciated. With your help, we would be able to encourage the critical appreciation of alternative history and build a community of young thinkers beyond Malaysia.