IM Review Open Meeting #1: Invented Tradition

Hey! So you’ve probably already heard that the first issue of Imagined Malaysia Review a.k.a IM Review is going to be released very soon.  👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻 

In case you need a refresher. Here is the baseline.

Imagined Malaysia Review (IM Review) is one of our latest initiatives in pushing the rigid boundaries of historical discourses in Malaysia. We at Imagined Malaysia are dedicated to work on a series of magazines that will bring together fascinating and insightful essays covering multifaceted themes in the existing historical scholarship, particularly pertaining to Southeast Asian historical landscape. These essays are meant to provoke critical evaluation on the given narratives of the past as well as to raise interesting hitherto undervalued suspicions on some of the theories and concepts that regulate much of the discursive framework in mainstream discussions on history.